Angel Island has a number of unique monsters.

Bone Knight Lord/Bone Magi Lord
Exactly what the name implies.

Wraith Riders
Strongest member of the Undead kin.

A large tamable lizard with an uncanny link to its master. The basilisk is a high end tame on par with dragons and nightmares. Like some other tames, basilisks serve a particular purpose. Unlike other tames, their stop and guard commands are slightly modified. All stop is equivalent to standard guard mode, and all guard activates their special abilities. These include hiding when the master hides, attacking when the master attacks, and regenerating the master's mana. The basilisk is also the only pet that can both deadly poison and cast spells.

Brigand leaders
exactly what the name implies, strongest member of the brigand kin.

Savage Witch Doctor
Savage's most exalted mages.

<a href = ";f=12;t=000004">Mystic Council</a>
The mystic council, who are rarely seperated, are a powerful foe.

Evil Mages
Look for new and improved evil mages! Now with vitamin C.

Pirate Deckhand
Weakest member of the pirate caste.

Pirate Wench


Pirate Captain
Strongest member of the pirate caste.
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