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#509645 - 04/25/07 01:16 AM Angel Island Features
AI Staff Offline
The Eminent

Registered: 02/22/06
Posts: 1916

Angel Island Features

Over the years the team here at Angel Island have worked hard to keep players of all kinds happy by inventing and implimenting unique features for all different playstyles, in order to create a diverse community and make the shard a fun place for everyone. On this page you will be able to view the features we have implimented to suit your specific playstyle and decide whether or not AI is the right place for you. To navigate this post quickly and easily press cntrl+f to search for your playstyle or a specific feature.

Player vs Player Combat

Player vs Monster

Role Players


For the Collector
Perpetual Calendar of Events


Player vs Player Combat

PVP has been enhanced through various systems of consensual pvp, as well as unique systems such as poison arrows, and alternatives to stat loss, such as Angel Island Prison.

  • Angel Island Prison
If you have 5 or more short term murder counts and die, you will be offered a gump that will allow you to go to Angel Island instead of taking stat loss. You can also voluntarily go to Angel Island via the teleporter in Oc'nivelle.

While you are alive on Angel Island your counts will decay at a rate of 4 hours and 20 hours, half what they would in the free land. Only when you are alive however, otherwise nothing changes. When you get down to less than 5 short term counts, you are free to leave.

If you manage to escape your short terms will be reduced by something on the order of half. There have also been rumors of corrupt officials, perhaps it's possible to bribe your way off the island...

  • Felucca Only
You wont find trammel, or ilsh, or any of the othe fruit facets here on Angel Island. Trammel ruined a big risk factor of ultima online, and relieved players of the true dangers than all Ultima veterans know and love. This doesn't mean you have to be a killer or leet pvper to make it on AI, but you will have to know how to at least defend yourself and evade danger.

  • No mounts!
Nope, no mounts. Mounts make the difference between 2 peoples ping (or lag) too noticeable. This means that if 2 players, 1 with a ping(lag) of 50 and the other 100 were fighting each other on mounts, that small difference would be noticeable, and put the person with just 50 less ping at a great advantage. Without mounts the gap between 2 players ping can be much wider, and still be unnoticeable.[/color]

  • Special Moves
Though we are a circa Publish 15 shard, we recognize certain imbalances from that era that need to be addressed and reworked to create a more level playing field for our pvpers. Naturally, special moves have been changed to not only lessen the gap between mages and dexers, but at the same time create better gameplay for the warrior by requiring him to use a bit of tactic.

2-handed weapon special moves, instead of being executed randomly at no cost, like on osi, are activated by the primary ability macro native to the uo client and they cost 15 mana. There is a downtime of 20 seconds between each special move. Note that the razor equivalent of the primary ability macro will not work.

Crushing Blow:
Mace Fighting
150% damage

Concussion Blow:
Halves opponents mana for 30 seconds.

Paralyzing Blow:
Paralyzes an opponent for 5 seconds. Pouches cannot break this paralysis. Paralyzed opponents will still swing their weapons.

  • Poisoned arrows
To create a poisoned arrow, use the poison skill on a poison potion, then on a single piece of cloth. That cloth will turn into a poison soaked rag. You must have this rag in your top pack.

When firing a poisoned arrow, you have a percent chance to fire an arrow with the level of the poison applied. That percent is equal to your poisoning skill. Therefore, if you fire an arrow with a greater poisoned rag, and you have 75 poisoning, you have a 75% chance to greater poison, and a 25% chance to normal poison.

In the event of a lesser poisoned rag that loses a level of poison, you will not poison at all.

Shooting a poisoned arrow will damage your bow, and bows can not be repaired. However, carpenters can seal bows in wax which will delay corrosion.

  • Tournament Stone
We've added a new tourney stone that eliminates the need for hosts to 'snoop' the
backbacks and other belongings of tourney participants.
The Tourney participant stands on the stone and speaks the Words of Power "Kal
Ort Ora", and the stone will magically evaluate the participants backpack, and any
items or clothing worn, and announce if the participant has met the rules for the
The Rules are configurable by the home owner.
The Tourney Stone Deeds can be purchased from the Provisioner.
Note: one is setup at the dueling tower on Marble Island. This stone is
preconfigured with the most common tourney rules. Come check it out.

  • Fight brokers
The fight broker NPCs are spread throughout the world, and are intended to help people find consentual pvp.

This command registers you with the fight broker. You will be temporarily orange to everybody else on the fight broker list, and they will be orange to you. All associated flagging rules that come with being orange apply to the fight broker. This costs 100 gold + 10 gold for every previously registered player.


Simply displays a list of all the people currently registered with the fight broker. The guild abbreviations of people registered with the fight broker will appear next to their name. (Offline) will appear next to their name if they are offline.

List Online
Like list, except lists only the online players.

where <playername>
Fight broker displays the coordinates of a registered player.

  • Kin Alignment
A: Kin alignment is guild-based. That is, the guildmaster of each guild must decide whether and which kin alignment (orc, militia, savage, pirate, undead, counsel, brigand) to choose.
B: As a member of a kin-aligned guild, you will flag as an enemy (orange) worldwide to members of all opposing kin-aligned guilds. Like-aligned player kin will not be flagged ally (green) unless they are in the same guild or an allied guild. Like-aligned NPC mobs will appear green, as they are your allies and will not attack you.
C: There are also Kin strongholds scattered throughout the land. When you enter a stronghold, you will see a message informing you of this. This means that, regardless of whether or not you are kin-aligned, if an attack that results in your death starts in a stronghold, or if you die in a stronghold (no matter where you were first attacked), you will not be able to give your attacker a count.
D: Aggressing your own kin, or helping someone in combat with your kin, will cause you to be outcast from your kin for a certain amount of time. This means that kin of your alignment will attack you on sight and everyone in the kin system can still freely attack you.

(This is simply to base of the kin system. Eventually the kin system will more closely resemble the more popular faction system)

  • War Ring
This is an option to guilds (through the guild stone) that adds them to a 'war ring'. Everyone in the ring flags enemy (orange) to each other (assuming that some other flagging isn't present).

  • Boats and Pirating(Yarrr!)
We've redesigned the way boats work in order to make them a little less secure so as to encourage pirating.
1. You must have the boat key on your person to command the boat
2. your ghost may command the boat as long as your corpse on the boat has the key on it.
3. Bone decay times have been increased for bones on a boat when they hold a key
4. you can now dry dock a boat that has ghosts onboard (they get kicked to shore.)
5. you may not dry dock a boat with clutter on deck (including bones)
6. You can no longer recall off a boat key, but single clicking it will display where it is located.

Grappling Hooks
Grappling Hooks – new item
The Pirate Smuggler NPC now sells grappling hooks.
A grappling hook is a rope with a big hook on it used to board a boat.
1. You must be on a boat to use a grappling hook.
2. You may only successfully grapple a boat that is not moving.
3. Any living players on the boat you grapple will "toss the hook back into the ocean" whereby resulting in a failed grapple.
4. If you successfully grapple a boat, you will receive a one-time teleport onto the deck of the target boat.
See also: Pirating system and Boats above

  • Bounty Hunters
Placing Bounties:
Bounties can be placed on players in one of two ways. Either part and parcel with reporting someone for a murder, or by using the "[bounty" command. Anyone can [bounty anyone else at any time. However, it is a criminal action akin to taking an illegal contract out on someone. It is not a guard whackable action, but you become freely attackable. The minimum bounty you can place on somebody is 500 gold.

Claiming Bounties:
All bounties are posted on bulletin boards at every bank in the land. Should you wish to claim a bounty, simply find the offender, kill him, and bring his head to the guards. Too hard to find people you say? Moving right along...

Bounty Hunters:
Forensic Evaluation and Tracking allows you to use a bounty ledger. Anybody with a bounty on their head can be placed in your ledger, and anyone in your ledger can be tracked at a great distance. Something on the order of 15 times as far as just using tracking alone. Bounty ledgers can be purchased from provisioners for 1000 gold, and like spellbooks and runebooks, are not lost on death.

Forensic Evaluation changes
Forensic evaluation will not only tell you if a player is a member of the thieves guild, but also tell you whether or not that thief is perma grey, and whether or not he has a bounty placed on his head.

  • Siege Tents
Place siege tents to help attack your rivals!

  • Size: 8x8
  • Can be placed anywhere a small house can be placed.
  • To unpack: double-click the tent bag
  • Vendors can be placed in tents (note: you must use a 'contract of employment' - vendor rentals don't work).
  • Can be dyed (dying changes the color of the tent bag, the tent's secure backpack (see next item), the tent roof, but not the tent walls).
  • Once placed, the tent contains a backpack that is locked down and secure. It must be emptied before the tent can be packed up again.
  • Tent bag is newbied
  • Cannot be purchased from NPC vendors
  • When a tent decays, everything in the backpack also decays.
  • May be placed by a player who already owns a house (but not a newbie tent).
  • May not be packed up.
  • Decay in 24 hours, regardless of use or play time.
  • Default tent bag color is grey-green.
  • Default tent roof color is dark green.
  • Tent wall color is light green.

  • Bolas
We have introduced bolas as a way for the warrior to fight back against pets.
We patterned our design after the true historical use of the bola (a weapon consisting of two or more heavy balls secured to the ends of one or more strong cords, hurled by the Indians and gauchos of southern South America to entangle the legs of cattle and other animals.)

Bolas can be made by tinkers with the following supplies:
  • 3 leather
  • 4 Bola Balls
    • 10 ingots

Throwing the bola with any effect requires the following skills:
Anatomy: Effects the effectiveness (50%)
DEX: Effects the effectiveness (50%)
Tactics: Effects accuracy (100%)
The difficulty reflects the creatures strength, and whether or not it is magical. (A dragon is harder to entangle than say a bull).

  • The bola cannot be resisted
  • The duration of entanglement is a function of the creatures difficulty (see above) and the throwers anatomy+DEX.
  • Bolas have ~n uses, and up to n+m uses for exceptional
  • Exceptional Bolas add a X% accuracy bonus.
  • Bolas are 'lost' or 'destroyed' K% of the time.
  • the thrower must be standing still when throwing, otherwise she will miss.


Player vs Monster

PVM has been enhanced by not only imagining and inventing unique creatures, but also enhancing the artificial intelligence many of the creatures have.

  • Champion Spawn
There are a total of 6 different Champion Spawns on Angel Island. Five of these may be summoned on the third level of Shame Dungeon (for information on summoning, see below) and the sixth, known as Lord Oaks; can be found in the Pixie Dungeon a brief run south east of the entrance to Shame. While the loot is nothing to scoff at(Lots of gold but, there are no powerscrolls!), the true prize to be had by these beasts is the skull that drops. Collecting one of each of these skulls is the only way to spawn the Mega-Champion The Harrower.

Spawning the Champion
Angel Island has a unique spawning proccess wherein one must sacrifice specific items for a chance at their champion of choice. This holds true for all but Lord Oaks, who as previously mentioned inhabits the Pixe Dungeon east of Shame and is spawned at all times. In order to spawn each of the five remaining champions, you must place the required sacrifice upon the alter within the tower and utter the summoning command:I offer this sacrifice in your name CHAMPION. An exampe would be "I offer this sacrifice in your name Neira". The sacrifices required are as follows:
  • Barracoon : A wedge or wheel of cheese
  • Neira : 100 bones
  • Rikktor : 500 of any single type of gem
  • Mephitis : 1000 spider's silk
  • Semidar : 100 blood vials

Running the Champ
There are four levels of spawn you must clear before the Champion will show itself. Each progressing level of spawn will be more difficult than the last. Eliminate the spawn on each level to progress onto the next. You must work relatively quickly however because should you fail to kill the mobs fast enough, it is possible for the spawn progression to reverse. You may track this progression at the skull altar found in the center of the Champion Area.

On the altar you will find a number of red and white Skull Candles.
The red candles are an indicator of what level spawn you are currently at and how close you are to summoning the Champion, the more candles you have, the closer you are. The white candles are an indicator of how close you are to getting another red candle.

5 White Candle per Red Candle
4 Red Candles per Level

Once the Champion has been summoned, you must use all your wits to slay them. Take warning! While a few Champions can be defeated by the all mighty “zerg”, most have unique defense capabilities that will require you to develop special tactics! Have a ball and good luck!


* High-Level Magic Armor and Weapons
* ~30k Gold
* 1 Champion Skull


  • Mini Champs
Mini Champ Spawns are a lot like regular champ spawns, except tiny. As you would expect. They are designed to be done by 3-4 people, and they offer a unique reward.

These spawns can be found in Deceit, Wrong, Wind, Destard, Ice Dungeon, and Hythloth. Pull the lever and off you go!

  • Seasonal Champions
We've introduced two new champions and will be introducing several more as part of our Seasonal Champions campaign. These first two are the Frozen Host and the Pirate Champion (Hoard Guardian.)
These aren't just rehued standard champions either. Both the Frozen Host and Pirate Champ use advanced Artificial Intelligence and drop highly desirable rares instead of the usual gold/weapons/armor.

Azothu, the Frozen Host: Winter Champion
The fabled frozen host spawn seems to have settled into ice dungeon, and I have it from a very good source that they are likely to be there through February.

These cold critters will only appear once per day, so if you see them you will probably want to go ahead and kill them \:\)

The icey boss of the crew is rumored to carry some special equipment, but I'm afraid that's all the info I have at the moment...

Have fun, and try to keep warm!

Eifel Island Pirate: Spring Champion
The Pirate Champ is our latest Seasonal Champ and will be running through the summer. The Pirate Champ is highly unique, not only because it's a custom created humanoid NPC with advanced Artificial Intelligence, but because it's located on an island!
Eiffel Island is the home of the 'hoard guardian' and the pirates picked that island for good reason! Eiffel Island is surrounded with water beasts so your normal Champ PvP Tactics will need a little adjustment!
The island is also No Recall, No Gate, so boat travel is the only way onto and off of the island. Did I mention Grappling Hooks?!!

  • Special Creatures

Angel Island is home to some unique creatures. Aside from simply being imaginative, the staff here has created artificial intelligence for some of them that will ravel even the most skilled PVMers.

Bone Knight Lord/Bone Magi Lord
Exactly what the name implies.

Wraith Riders
Strongest member of the Undead kin.

A large tamable lizard with an uncanny link to its master. The basilisk is a high end tame on par with dragons and nightmares. Like some other tames, basilisks serve a particular purpose. Unlike other tames, their stop and guard commands are slightly modified. All stop is equivalent to standard guard mode, and all guard activates their special abilities. These include hiding when the master hides, attacking when the master attacks, and regenerating the master's mana. The basilisk is also the only pet that can both deadly poison and cast spells.

Brigand leaders
exactly what the name implies, strongest member of the brigand kin.

Savage Witch Doctor
Savage's most exalted mages.

Mystic Council
The mystic council, who are rarely seperated, are a powerful foe.

Evil Mages
Look for new and improved evil mages! Now with vitamin C.

Pirate Deckhand
Weakest member of the pirate caste.

Pirate Wench


Pirate Captain
Strongest member of the pirate caste.


Role Players

Roleplay is kept in mind with nearly every idea that goes in to play, as you can see through various systems listed above, such as the kin system and pirating changes. Though, like any shard, the burden of imagination falls on the role-player, staff here have also implemented several systems to aid in the role-play, as well as created new areas of cosmetic value for role players to take advantage of.

  • Townships

Guilds are able to purchase a township stone which will be placed along side their current guild stone. Township functionality includes the following aspects:

The purpose of Townships is to vest player guilds with control of a long range goal. Townships will allow players of all play styles to design, create, control and protect their creations while creating a significant point of interest and interaction to the entire shard.

Township Stone Overview

Player guilds will be allowed to purchase a Township deed which must be placed in the same structure as the guild stone. The Township stone (hued guild stone graphic) will provide the menus necessary to run the Township. Provided the following conditions are met, a dynamic zone of X number of tiles, in each direction from the stone, will be created.

• A Township stone may only be placed if a large majority (X%+)of houses within the to-be created dynamic zone are in the same guild as the Township stone placer. This will prevent guilds from trying to use Townships to force home owners out of an area.
• A Township stone may not be placed if the to-be created dynamic zone would overlap with another Township or guard zone.

Other Township Features and Rules:

• Township houses may not be traded to non-Township guild players.
• Township guild members, who have houses within the township, may not refresh their houses should they leave the guild.
• All Township guild members can view the Township stone and add gold to the Township. The owner and co-owners of the house in which the Township stone is located may fully access the Township stone (“township administrators” -> Manage Township NPCs, adjust law levels, adjust travel restrictions, etc).
• Any Township guild member may deposit gold with the Township (Double-click the Township stone and then click the Add gold button and target gold or checks), but gold can never be taken out of the Township stone – it can only be used for Township expenses.
• Township expense payments and purchases are tracked in an expense log which can be accessed through the township stone.
• When a guild disbands, the Township associated with it disbands as well.
• Township guild members will receive a warning if their Township will run out of funds within 7 days upon login.
• Township and Guild stones may not be moved once a Township stone has been placed.
• Township administrators may create an enemy of the Township master list by double clicking the township stone and selecting the option to create an enemy list. This will gather all the ban lists from all of the Township guild member houses within the Township zone and compile them into one master list for X gold.
• Declared enemies of the township (those on the master list created in the feature above), may not use any Township NPCs and will be announced by Lookout NPCs (See Township NPC Overview below)
• Once a Township has been established, no other non-Township/Guild player may place a house within the Township dynamic zone.

Township NPC Overview:
Township guild administrators (those who own or co-own the house in which the Township stone is placed) may purchase Township NPCs by double clicking the Township stone and clicking on “Buy NPC”. The purchasing player is given a deed for the Township NPC. The Township NPC deed may then be used by any Township guild member within his or her public house to place the Township NPC. Township NPCs may be dismissed through the Township stone.

The following features and rules apply to Township NPCs:
• To access the functions of a Township NPC, players must be standing in the same house with the NPC or on the porch of that house.
• The placer of a Township NPC may customize the clothing of that Township NPC.
• When a Township is dissolved, all associated NPCs are disbanded.
• The Township guild generates NO income from Township NPCs purchased through the Township system (i.e. standard profitability or lack thereof still applies to player vendors).
• Township NPCs can only be placed in public houses. Only one Township NPC is allowed per house. Township NPCs may not be placed in the same house as player vendor npcs.
• Township NPCs can only be purchased once every X days (this number to be determined through testing, but is currently set to 7 days).
• Township NPCs do not use context menus and must be spoken to in order to access their services.

The following Township NPCs may be purchased (this list is subject to change):
• Banker – Provides access to a player’s bank.
• Innkeeper – Allows players to log out in the same building instantly and/or to purchase items sold by the innkeeper.
• Stable-hand – Provides access to a stable.
• Shopkeeper – Provides access to a specific shop.
o Mage Shopkeeper
o Provisioner Shopkeeper
• Trainers – Provides training in specific areas.
• Emissary – Allows Township to be set to Grant of Authority (See Law Region Overview below).
• Evocater – Allows Township to set magic travel settings (Recall In/Out, Gate In/Out). It costs X gold to change one of the four settings and each setting can only be changed once every X minutes. The travel settings are set through double clicking the township stone.
• Town Crier -- Provides shard-wide news and increased the size of the dynamic zone by X number of tiles. A township can only have one town crier. By double clicking the Township stone, a message will indicate whether or not the Township can be expanded. If it can not be expanded, the guild will not be given an option to purchase this NPC.
• Lookout – This NPC will notify the Township guild, through guild chat, when it sees; an opposing kin, opposing chaos/order, a warring guild member, or ‘an enemy of the township’(see Township Stone Overview).

Law Region Overview:

A Township may have three different “Law Settings”:
• Standard – normal murder count rules apply
• Lawless – no murder counts can be given to or received by anyone.
• Grant of Authority (requires Emissary NPC) – normal murder count rules apply with the exception that the Township Guild may not receive murder counts.

Township Borders Overview:
Players should receive a notice when entering a Township area. The message generated should be based upon the Guild’s name, Activity level of the Township and the law being applied. “You have entered the <Activity Level based title> of the <Guildname>. <Applicable Law>.”
• Activity level based tittles
o Hamlet (Low Activity)
o Village (Medium Activity)
o Township (High Activity)
o City (High Activity)

• Guild Name

• Applicable Law
o The <Guildname> has received a grant of Authority by Lord British to enforce the law within this <Activity level based tittle>. (Grant of Authority Setting)
o Lord British enforces the laws within this <Activity level based title>.
o Beware! There are no laws being enforced within this <Activity level based title>!

“You have entered the village of the Perilous Adventurer’s Guild. The Perilous Adventurer’s Guild has received a grant of authority by Lord British to enforce the law within this village.”
“You have entered the hamlet of the Orcs. Beware! There are no laws being enforced within this hamlet!”
“You have entered the city of the Serpent’s Sword. Lord British enforces the laws within this city.”

Lastly, when leaving a Township area a message should be displayed. “You have left the <Activity Level> of the <guild>.” Example: “You have left the village of the Perilous Adventurer’s Guild.”

Township Expense Overview:
The amount of gold a Township requires to operate depends on several factors. The first is the activity level of the Township. The more active a Township becomes, the lower the associated costs. The reasoning behind this is that when a Township becomes active it creates a point of interaction on the shard which is valued by the players and the staff. It also discourages Townships of convenience where very wealthy players seek a Township for the sole purpose of having their very own Animal Trainer (stable). While such Townships of convenience will be possible by the wealthy, it will require a great deal of gold to upkeep. This will eventually draw gold out of the economy or require the Township guild to generate more gold (thus creating interaction -> hunting parties, pk targets, etc).

The second factor in determine expenses for the Township are the type and quantity of Township NPCs placed within the Township. The Township NPCs each have their own pay scale and will add to the weekly upkeep expense of the Township.

In short this system allows guilds to build truly functioning towns that can be tailored to how they desire to run their town.

It should be noted that this system is just the foundation upon which future enhancements will be made

  • Custom Housing
As many people know, custom housing can be a rather ugly thing. In order to maintain a believable level of fantasy/RP the staff here at Angel Island moderate the construction of custom housing by allowing players to create houses on the AI test center, or on your own private server (if you make it on your own server, you're not bound by the rules of the house placement tool, and have more opportunities), which will then be reviewed by staff. If your design is accepted that house will be set to a deed and made static. At that point, you and only you can buy replicates of your house which you can sell to players. You can view more details on custom housing: here.

  • Purchasable forts: (coming soon)
Yes, you heard right. You can purchase your own fort, as well as some of the other buildings you see in towns such as Magnicia and Trinsic.

  • Music Composition
Want to start a band but think it's a little pointless since all the other musicians are playing the same thing as you? Well, that's not a problem here. Here, using the [play command, you can play singular notes and pauses to compose your own music.

Usage: [play note|pause [note|pause] ...

There are 25 possible note values:

* cl (low C)
* csl (low C#)
* d (D)
* ds (D#)
* e (E)
* f (F)
* fs (F#)
* g (G)
* gs (G#)
* a (A)
* as (A#)
* b (B)
* c (middle C)
* cs (C#)
* dh (high D)
* dsh (high D#)
* eh (high E)
* fh (high F)
* fsh (high F#)
* gh (high G)
* gsh (high G#)
* ah (high A)
* ash (high A#)
* bh (high B)
* ch (high C)

Some sample tunes:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
(Razor: Add a 2sec pause after the third line, and a 4sec pause before the last line.)
[play cl 0.4 cl 0.4 g 0.4 g 0.4 a 0.4 a 0.4 g 0.8
[play f 0.4 f 0.4 e 0.4 e 0.4 d 0.4 d 0.4 cl 0.8
[play g 0.4 g 0.4 f 0.4 f 0.4 e 0.4 e 0.4 d 0.8
[play g 0.4 g 0.4 f 0.4 f 0.4 e 0.4 e 0.4 d 0.8
[play cl 0.4 cl 0.4 g 0.4 g 0.4 a 0.4 a 0.4 g 0.8
[play f 0.4 f 0.4 e 0.4 e 0.4 d 0.4 d 0.4 cl 0.8

Frere Jacques:
(Razor: Add a 1sec pause between the 2nd and 3rd lines.)
[play c 0.3 dh 0.3 eh 0.3 c 0.4 c 0.3 dh 0.3 eh 0.3 c 0.3
[play eh 0.3 fh 0.3 gh 1.0 eh 0.3 fh 0.3 gh 1.0 gh 0.1 ah 0.1 gh 0.1 fh 0.1 eh 0.3 c 0.3
[play gh 0.1 ah 0.1 gh 0.1 fh 0.1 eh 0.3 c 0.4 c 0.3 g 0.3 c 1.0 c 0.3 g 0.3 c

Pop Goes the Weasel:
[play d 0.2 g 0.6 g 0.2 a 0.6 a 0.2 b 0.2 dh 0.2 b 0.2 g 0.6
[play d 0.2 g 0.6 g 0.2 a 0.6 c 0.2 b 0.8 g 0.6
[play d 0.2 g 0.6 g 0.2 a 0.6 a 0.2 b 0.2 dh 0.2 b 0.2 g 0.8
[play eh 0.8 a 0.4 c 0.2 b 0.8 g

  • The touch of Staff
We at Angel Island appreciate, enjoy, and respect our RP community, as well as understand that not all aspects of a player or guilds role can be met by basic game mechanics. That is why we make an effort to aid role-players by doing things such as helping with events, or creating a cosmetic area for you to enjoy with the rest of the community. Now, obviously staff isn't going to build a bubble for 'Mr. Future' to live in, or spawn little green men for his guilds events, but if your ideas are genuine, and don't put your or your guild at an advantage over the rest of the community, staff might just be willing to help you out!

Staff aid orcs in building a fort during a recent event(the boxes were later removed and replaced by a real orcish fort)



In the words of Adam Ant (shard owner) himself, "Crafters are really the unsung heroes of any shard; they are the glue that holds the other professions together."

A captcha system has been put in place to ensure no players can gather resources unattended. This helps crafters sell their goods at a decent price. A CAPTCHA ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.
We have implemented a CAPTCHA to stop the unattended gathering of resources.
1. The system will prompt miners and loggers to solve a simple puzzle.
2. Any failures and the resource gatherer will be prevented from further resource gathering until the CAPTCHA has been completed successfully.
(You will need to try to gather resources in another 5 minutes to get another CAPTCHA.)
3. Too many failures and the robot will be set to criminal and placed on the town crier (and account marked)
Note: There will be no more unattended ore or log gathering on this shard!

  • Enchanted Scroll Drop System
Magic weapon drops on mobs of force and better have been replaced by enchanted scrolls which can be applied to GM crafted weapons by characters with the proper skills. This not only creates more specialties, which creates more opportunity to make gold, but also gives crafters more business, since anyone who wants a good magic weapon will have to go to them $$$. You can read up on the specifics of the Sdrop system here.

  • Special Dye Tubs

We've added the OSI Special Dye colors to Angel Island, but as craftable dyes, and not the 'Special Dye Tub'. Alchemists use the proper materials to create dyes to use on regular dye tubs, which will set that dye tub to that specific special color. This means, the special dye tubs colors is not changeable.

Skills to craft the dyes:
Tailoring: 80
Alchemy: 80
1. 'fresh' dying tub
2. mortar & pestle
3. reagents
4. water trough

  • Wood Engraving
Carpenter NPCs sell wood engraving books, as well as square graving tools. Grand Master carpenters can learn the art of Wood Engraving by buying a Wood Engraving book from a carpenter NPC.
You then buy Square Graver and use it on a player made container that is in your backpack.

This will produce a marked container.

  • Siege Tents(again)
Our popular siege tents are among the unique items craftable by Angel Islands fine merchants.

May be crafted by Tinkers. Requirements:
  • 100 Cloth
  • 15 Tent Poles, which are each made from:
  • 15 Boards
  • 10 Ingots


For the Collector

Nope, we didn't forget those of you who just love to collect! We have a wide array of harder to obtain, desirable items for players to collect and hoard.

  • Rares Factory
This system allows the creation of true rares (one of a kind) and works Item ID. Rare items will show up to Item Identification something like the following:
A bottle of gammy Beaujolais
bottle 9 of 13

  • Angel Island Treasure Chests with Special Themes:
Though treasure hunting works almost like it did on osi, some of the maps have a small chance of being a "themed" chest. What theme you 'might' get depends on what level map you have. These themed chests are not only guarded by different creatures, but drop rare items that correspond with that theme. Those themes and their loot are as follows:

Level 3:
  • Brazier
  • Decorative Bow (arrows above or below the bow, South or East)
  • Horde Demon Statuette
  • Giant Rat Statuette
  • Blade of the Bandit

  • Bearskin rug deed (South or East)
  • Skull Pole
  • Billy Goat Statuette
  • Grizzly Bear Statuette
  • Ornate Ritual Spear

  • Water bucket
  • Solen Seed
  • Solen Worker Statuette
  • Terathan Statuette
  • Chitanous Staff

Level 4:
  • Black Pirate Hat
  • Oars (South or East)
  • Brass Lamp
  • Genie Statuette
  • Sea Horse Statuette
  • Bow of the Buccaneer

  • Pile of Bones (container)
  • Headstone (smallest, smaller, medium, larger)
  • Ghost Statuette
  • Ghoul Statuette
  • Soul Reaver

Level 5:
  • Hanging Dragonscale chest, leggings, arms
  • Dragonhead Trophy Deed
  • Pixie Statuette
  • Unicorn Stattuette
  • Claw of the Dragon

Angel Island Statuettes:

Statues from Treasure Hunt Chests:
  • Horde Demon
  • Giant Rat
  • Terathan Avenger
  • Solen Worker
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Billy Goat
  • Ghost
  • Ghoul
  • Genie
  • Sea Horse
  • Pixie
  • Unicorn

Statues from Dungeon Chests:
  • Llama
  • Crocodile
  • Zombie
  • Cow
  • Fire Elemental
  • Mongbat
  • Ophidian
  • Dragon
  • Daemon
  • Gargoyle
  • Reaper
  • Gazer
  • Gorilla
  • Liche
  • Earth Elemental
  • Lizard Man
  • Ettin
  • Wolf
  • Troll
  • Orc
  • Ogre
  • Ratman
  • Skeleton


Links to Information About Plants

Note - Special Seed Boxes are available to assist Gardeners


Daily Rares
  • Rocks
  • Tall candle
  • Closed barrel
  • Whip
  • Forged metal
  • Horse shoes
  • Wires
  • Full Jars
  • Fruit Basket
  • Tool kit
  • Hanging herbs
  • Checkers
  • Chessmen [black] [white]
  • Bookcases with Books


Harrower Loot
  • Eleven Different Potted Plants (see below)
  • Black Cloth (Stack of 50)
  • Ore Colored cloth (Stack of 50, Nine Colors)
  • Bottle of Special Hair Dye
  • Bottle of Special Beard Dye
  • Skulls (see below)

Potted Plants

Harrower Skulls


Mini-Champ Armour


Alchemist Special Dyes


NPC Treasure Hunter Loot

Ratman Axe


Ratman Sword


Orc Club


Ogre's Club


Lizardman's Mace


Ophidian Bardiche


Ettin's Hammer

Skeleton Scimitar


Frost Troll Club


Consolidated Treasure Hunter Collection
(courteousy of Silk - TGG)

True Rares


Holiday Gifts
  • Skull with candle
  • Christmas Bell
  • Easter Plants
  • Rabbit Fur from Easter Rabbit Hunts
  • Brightly Colored Eggs
  • Candy
  • Halloween Treat Basket
  • Easter Basket
  • Happy Holidays - 2004 Golden Box
  • Happy Holidays - 2005 Gift Box
  • Eternal Embers
  • Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/White/Black/Purple Candles
  • Pan of Cookies
  • Snowman
  • Snow
  • Holiday Tree Deeds
  • Mistletoe
  • Holiday Candle from Snowball Event
  • Thanksgiving Pig - 2006
  • Christmas 2006 box (contains previous items with '06 label)
  • Halloween gifts
    - Hanging skeleton
    - Spider webs
    - Orange Skeleton Statues
    - Pumpkins (2 varieties)
    - Apples (candied, poison and caramel)

Kin's Ransom Quest

Leather Armor Dye Tubs


Perpetual Calendar of AI Events

With the introduction of our Automated Event System (AES) we will be having a
series perpetual events happening through each month. The AES will create both
Town Crier, broadcast, and email announcements as needed.

  1. Server Wars – 1st Sunday of each month at 6PM
    We have scheduled Server Wars for the 1st Sunday of each month at 6PM.
    During Server Wars there are no World Saves, so please plan accordingly.
    Server Wars will be 1 hour unless the players vote for longer wars.
  2. Crazy Map Day – 2nd Sunday of each month at 12 noon
    We have scheduled Crazy Map Day (CMD) for the 2nd Sunday of each month at 12
    Crazy Map day is 3 hours of 3x Treasure map drops. The treasure maps will drop
    3x as often on Monsters, but the frequency within treasure chests is unaffected.
    CMD is an opportunity for PvM'ers to really fill their coffers with maps, but it
    is also a time for heightened PK activity.
  3. Town Invasions – 3rd Sunday of each month at 12 noon
    You will get a 24 hour, in-game warning before such an invasion. (Lord British
    has troops to scout for such things.)
    • Murder counts will remain on for the event.
    • The event will last a maximum of 8 hours.
      If the boss is killed sooner, the event will end 1 hour after the boss is
    • World broadcasts will warn players when the guards are going off, and
      coming on.

      A full 30 minutes before the events ends, world broadcasts will begin warning of
      the guard's inevitable return. Please plan accordingly.
  4. Ransom Chest Quest – 4th Sunday of each month at 12 noon
    Ransom chests are one of the most valuable quests on the shard. Equal in wealth
    to that of the Harrower, the Ransom chest will hold about 100K gold, top of the
    line enchanted scrolls, level 5 maps, and the finest leather dye. (These leather
    dyes will only be available by completing a Ransom Chest Quest.)
  5. Murder counts will be turned off for the event.
    The no count zone will be the entire Kin Stronghold Region.
  6. The event will last approximately 3 hours.
  7. The Chest can be opened 15 minutes before event end (2 hours 45 minutes
    into the event.)

PS: all times are Server time. (PST)
You can always get server time from within the game by typing:

PPS: The event schedules may change in the future, but until they do, we
will move forward with the current assigned times.



There are several different methods of traveling around the vast land of Britannia. They include Moon gates, Moonstones, Recall and Gate.

  • Moon gates

Angel Island's Moon gates follow the cycles of the moon. If the moon gate does not bring you to your desired city destination, simply keep entering the gate. When the cycle changes you'll get a different set of cities at the end of the gate.

  • Moonstones and Translocation Powder:

The Walking Dead Vendor in Deceit sells moonstones. The Powder of Translocation
is carried by the Brigands of Serpents Hold.

The items are used by applying the powder to the stone, thus marking it. After
the moonstone is marked a warrior can activate it with no magery. The same rules
apply to moonstones that apply to rune stones. You cannot mark them for inside a
dungeon or a house. You cannot enter one when a criminal or during the heat of
battle. Anyone can enter the moonstone gate after it has been activated if they
meet the aforementioned criteria. Moonstones are slow acting so please give it
time to create the gate.

  • Gate Travel:

Using the gate travel spell (7th circle) on a marked rune or the gate symbol
found inside the runebook on a marked rune, a mage can creates a portal to the
location where the rune was marked. The gate can be used by anyone, by either
walking into the gate, while the spell is in effect and will last for about 30

  • [color:#0

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#509649 - 04/25/07 01:28 AM Re: Angel Island Features [Re: AI Staff]
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Aside from adhering to popular playstyle, staff here and Angel Island also make sure to impliment neat things for people to play with

  • [color:#006600]Mortal System [/color]
The mortal system is for the thrill seekers of ultima online. By going to the shrine of sacrifice and saying the words "I choose a life of mortality" you forfeit the ability to resurrect. Immediately after your mortal character dies that character, everything in his bank, and his house will be deleted. A long lived mortal is something to be respected.

  • [color:#006600]Newby Tents(much different than siege tents)[/color]

  • Size: 8x8
  • Can be placed anywhere a small house can be placed.
  • To unpack: double-click the tent bag
  • Vendors can be placed in tents (note: you must use a 'contract of employment' - vendor rentals don't work).
  • Can be dyed (dying changes the color of the tent bag, the tent's secure backpack (see next item), the tent roof, but not the tent walls).
  • Once placed, the tent contains a backpack that is locked down and secure. It must be emptied before the tent can be packed up again.
  • Tent bag is newbied
  • Cannot be purchased from NPC vendors
  • When a tent decays, everything in the backpack also decays.
  • Given to all characters once.
  • Cannot be placed if the player already has a house.
  • To pack up: double-click the bedroll.
  • When packed up, the tent bag ends up on the ground (where anyone can pick it up).
  • Decay time banking is similar to house banking, up to five days. (In other words, if you place it and log out for five days, it will decay, but if you continue to play, it will not decay.)
  • Default tent bag color is beige (like a bedroll).
  • Default tent roof color is light gray.
  • Tent wall color is light blue.

  • [color:#006600]Balanced Buy Back System(BBS)[/color]
BBS is an NPC hosted sale by consignment system, which allows newer players to make a beginning on Angel Island in the resource gathering trades.

Short description:
Vendors will now accept raw or near raw resources for sale on 'consignment'.
Sellers will receive a check in their bank box when the goods are sold to another player. You may buy an account book from a banker to track these sales.

All gold and resources that participate in the BBS system come from, and go to players. Nothing is created out-of-thin-air.
All goods are marked up substantially, and the NPC vendor takes a commission. These features insure Player Vendors will be the viable and preferred mechanism for barter.

  • [color:#006600]Player Run Quest System[/color]

The Player-Run Quest System is a novel method that enables you the player to
create and run, you guessed it, Quests!

The new PlayerQuest system allows any player to convert a chest of loot
into a Quest Ticket. This ticket’s whereabouts is then automatically announced
on the Town Crier. When the quest goers find or otherwise recover the ticked,
double clicking it will claim the original chest of loot.

Players issue the command: [quest to initiate the
quest. The chest and all contents are stored away in a special location
inaccessible to players. The Quest Ticket, will expire after 24 hours, and Prize
will decay if left unclaimed.
  1. The Town Crier will not announce quests where the ticket is inaccessible to
    the general public. I.e., your bank box, locked down, secure, or in a private
  2. The Town Crier will update its knowledge of ticket whereabouts every 5
  3. The Town Crier will only announce 1 ticked per mobile or container.
    If you are carrying 3 tickets, the Town Crier will count that as 1
    quest and will therefore only issue the one announcement.
  4. The Town Crier will only announce up to 5 concurrent quests.
  5. The Town Crier will announce new quests immediately upon creation.
    The Town Crier will not wait to announce a new quest; the moment a
    new quest is kicked off, the Town Crier will be notified.
    Note: This announcement will still be governed by the 5 concurrent
    quest rule.
  6. Lockdowns outside of houses now work correctly.
    The system is designed to allow players to place Quest Tickets into
    various lockdowns which reside outside of personal residences. For example, the
    goodwill boxes.
  7. Quest Ticket Generation
    You may only generate a quest ticket from the contents of a bankbox,
    or from the floor of a home you own (owner only.)

  • [color:#006600]Housing [/color]
You may own up to one house per account. You may co-own others to your house which will give them additional options above those who are "friended" to your house. You may not co-own and own a house at the same time.

Custom houses are not currently allowed on OUO. Houses will decay, but are refreshed when you play. Every 20 minutes of playing time will equate to one day of credit to keep your house from falling. This can be done with any character on the account. You can build up to 90 days of credit on your account to prevent your house from falling. If you have over 15 credits, your house's condition (when you check from the house sign) will be like new. You will see changes showing greater amounts of decay if you have less than 15 credits built up.

If you are going to be away from OUO for greater than 90 days, contact a staff member to discuss keeping your house from falling while you are away.

Houses can be either public or private. You can find further information on the differences between public and private houses here.

  • [color:#006600]Plant System[/color]
Where do I get seeds?
Within the swamps of Angel Island lives a creature called a “Bog Thing”. When the creature is attacked.. it spawns “boglings”. Killing the boglings and the bog thing will reward you with seeds. These are foundation or first generation seeds. They come in four colors, blue, red, yellow and plain.

Where can I get pots for growing seeds?
Provisioners sell the pots in town. Price is 2gp per.

Where can I get dirt to plant the seeds in?
Throughout the land there are bare patches of dirt. You want to look for dirt that is a rich dark brown.

How do I fill the pot with dirt?
Double click on the pot then the dirt. The pot will then be ready.

How do I water the bowls/plants?
Go to an innkeeper and buy a pitcher of water. Most people who grow plants also invest in a water source.. such as a water trough. To fill the pitcher, click on the empty pitcher then click on the water source.

How long till I see plants?
Plant growth on Angel Island is controlled by a heartbeat. The heartbeat resets every 24 hours. So a seed that was planted at 10am will not show growth until 10 am the following day. On the second day, you will be able to see a seedling in the bowl. The seventh day you will see the plant and the ninth day you will be able to gather seeds or resources if the plant has been healthy the entire nine days.

Plant Stages

What supplies will I need for the plants other than water?

To successfully treat plants that are sick you will need greater potions. By greater we mean greater poison, greater cure, greater heal, greater strength. There are several ways to carry what you need. Here is one example:

What is “fertile dirt”?
Fertile dirt can be found on the corpses of earth elementals. When a seed is planted in fertile dirt, it has a chance to grow faster. For example, a seed is placed in fertile dirt and grows normally for two days. On the third day however, the plant indicates that it is actually four days old. You’re an extra day closer to being able to see exactly what type of plant you are growing. Fertile dirt’s accelerated growth is random, it won’t happen every time you use it for planting.

When and how can I cross-pollinate my plants?
When the plant is seven days old click on the upper right hand corner on the plant symbol. You will see another gump. In the middle line you will see three squares.

The first square represents the plant. And explanation point (!) behind this square means that the plant can be cross-pollinated. And “x” behind the box means that the plant has self pollinated itself and will produce seeds that will match the parent exactly. . A yellow minus sign means the plant is not mature enough to pollinate. Use the bottom row of buttons to cross-pollinate, gather resources and gather seeds. Simply click on them.

If you have an explanation point the plants must be close to each other to cross-pollinate. Open both plants gumps and click on the plant symbol in the upper left hand corner. If you see an explanation point on both plants click on the first box in the bottom row of one plant, then click on the first box in the middle row on the second plant. A successful cross-pollination will result in a message. “ You have successfully cross pollinated the plants.”

The plant gump is confusing. Can you explain it?

When you double click on a plant this is what you will see. We will start on the right hand side. The first small box contains a plant. By clicking on this you will see another gump, one that shows you the amount or seeds and or resources you can harvest or if the plant is ready to be cross pollinated. Directly across from that you see a water pitcher. A yellow minus sign means the plant needs water. To water the plant you would simply click on the pitcher and then target a pitcher of water in your pack or gardeners kit. If you see a red minus sign, the plant needs to be watered twice. A red plus sign means that the plant has been over watered.

Going back to the left, you see that the plant is infested with insects. This is indicated by the yellow plus sign. A red plus sign denotes a large infestation or sickness. If you click on that second box, you will find that the codex of wisdom appears. It explains what it wrong with the plant and how to cure it of either disease or in this case insects and fungus. If you carry your potions in your backpack and have an empty bottle in your backpack, all that you will need to do is click on the potion that is needed.

If a plant is healthy or vibrant, applying a greater strength potion and a greater heal potion will help the plant stay disease free.

How do I know what plant to cross with what to get certain colors or species of plants?
This is a private site by a Master Gardner. Explore this site and you will find gardening much easier.
Celtic Moon Plant Guides
How can I cross pollinate plants to get black or white seeds?
Mutant seeds are a random phenomenon. They will not give seeds or resources.

My plant is dying! HELP!
If you forget to take care of your plants for one or two days, when you open the gump it will say the plant is dying. Use two strength and two heal. With luck you will be able to save the plant.

  • [color:#006600]Player Justice[/color]
The Angel Island staff takes a very lasseiz faire approach to unattended macroing. Provide the players the tools to correct the problem, and they can correct it.

To that end, the PJUM system was implemented. This system is specifically designed to target unattended resource gathering only. If you go unattended and run a script to macro resources, you can more or less expect to come back dead.

In the event of an unattended resource macroer, they will be turned grey, and the town crier will display their coordinates for the next 4 hours. In that time, anyone is welcome to head on out and pk them for their resources, risk free.

If you manage to find and execute an unattended resource macroer, a bounty will be paid to you from their bank account. If they have no money, a bounty will be paid for them by Lord British.

There are other minor tweaks to facilitate killing macroers of all stripes.

Guards do not insta kill.
They still teleport in and wipe the floor with you in record time, but you get a couple seconds to toss explosion potions or whatever.

Murder counts can only be given for 10 minutes after death
What this means is that people who are truly macroing will be unable to give counts. By the time they get back to their computers, the opportunity is lost. This allows you to take advantage of a macroer here or there without making a new character specifically for the purpose.

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Sea Quest 1 is one part of a multi part initiative to bring life to the Sosarian Seas.
Sea Quest 1 builds on the existing fishing system, escorts, and map based navigation to provide mini-quests for fisherman.
These mini-quests are a not really designed to be a very dangerous PvM type quest, but rather reward based upon the successful completion of a seafaring adventure!

To begin your adventure you will need to travel to one of the many docks around Sosaria and escort one of the Sea Gypsies to their destination.

Sea Gypsies are fairly distrusting and will not travel through any magical gate. They prefer to sail but have been known to also enjoy the occasional hike if this is your wish.

Once at her destination, the Sea Gypsy will give you a map to a secret fishing location which you will give to your tillerman. Your tillerman will in turn navigate the boat to this secret fishing location.

When you arrive at the secret fishing spot, start fishing; your tillerman will have some sage advice for you, so pay attention!

Tips, Tricks, and Notes:
  • Navigation
    It�s important to note that you must use the command �single N� where N is the pin number on the map when commanding the tillerman to go to the next fishing spot. Example: single 1
    Using the tillerman commands goto, start, or continue will cause the tillerman to sail right over your fishing spot!
    Maps will have from 2-6 pins (levels 1-5). You don�t need to do the pins in order, but it makes it easier to remember which ones you�ve already completed.
    Note: Like on OSI and all other PRSs, boat navigation still requires manual intervention when a landmass lies between you and your next pin. It�s most useful to get into open waters with a clear line of sight to your next pin before commanding your tillerman to take the wheel.
  • Loot/Rares
    For lack of a better term I will use the word �rare� here to describe those new items that can only be acquired through fishing. The marketplace and activity in this new fishing system will decide just how rare the items are.
    The new system leverages the existing fishing system mechanics so you don�t have to learn an entirely new system. You are still fishing for MIBs!
    MIBs are now level based 1-5.
    Level 1-3 MIBS provide (via an SOS) a random level 1, 2, or 3 treasure chest plus 1 of 22 new rares. The rares are split roughly in half; half for shallow water and half for deep water.
    Unlike the lower level MIBs, MIB Levels 4&5 spawn on a kraken instead of a deep sea serpent. The Level 4&5 MIBS provide (via an SOS) a level 4 or 5 treasure chest respectively plus 1 of 14 new rares. These rares are the OSI tapestries, both big and small, and include 4 that were never given out to players.
    While some will argue the rarity of these items they are certainly desirable. And since they are house-addons they cannot be redeeded whereby maintaining their value.
  • Tillerman advice
    When out fishing, listen to your tillerman!
    Here is some of what you will hear:
    • "Ar, why ye be fishing over there?"
      You will get this message if you are near the secret spot, but not within the required distance.
      Since the tillerman will get you to the spot perfectly when issued the command �single n�, the only time you will see this message is if you are casting out too far.
      Hint: The hot spot is right where your mast is!
    • "Ar, ye be in the right spot there skipper."
    • "Methinks that be a good spot."
    • "Ar, too bad skipper. Try again."
      You will get one of these messages when you are fishing in the right spot, but you are simply failing to get a bite.
    • "Maybe try fishing fore and aft?"
    • "Have you tried port side?"
    • "Have you tried the starboard side?"
    • "Ar, thar's got to be fish here somewhere!"
      Without getting into gory �resource grid� mechanics, suffice it to say that the spot your fishing in has run dry of fish, but you are still within range of your fishing hotspot, and your fishing hotspot is still active.
    • "Ar, looks to be good fishing about here sir."
      You issued the command single N and have arrived at your fishing hotspot.
      Hint: If you suspect your �good fishing timer� has expired, try issuing the command �back one�, then use the �single� command to return to your hot spot and see what message you get.
    • "Ar, looks to be fished out."
      You will get this message if you arrive at the secret fishing spot after the �good fishing timer� has expired.
      (see hint above)
  • Fishing spot timer
    When you enter the secret fishing spot (sorry for the gory detail) a timer is started.
    For the amount of time the timer is running, anyone on your boat will have increased luck fishing.
    Keep in mind though; since the system leverages the existing fishing resources there is little advantage in bringing more than one person as you will probably be able to fish-out the resources before your time expires.
  • SOS text
    I�ve returned the SOS text the old-school UO text.
    Ha! It�s not all politically correct but that makes it all the better!
  • map names
    The secret fishing spot maps are named
    Level 1: "a fair fishing spot"
    Level 2: "a decent fishing spot"
    Level 3: "a good fishing spot"
    Level 4: "a fabled fishing spot"
    Level 5: "a legendary fishing spot"
    Maps will show the %complete after the name, for example "a good fishing spot [50% complete]"
  • some maps are now read-only
    All Fishing maps and Treasure Maps are now read-only, meaning you can�t plot a course over the top of them and clobber all of your pins.
  • MIB and & SOS names
    The names of MIBs haven�t changed, but the SOSs are named as follows:
    Levels 1-3 �a water stained SOS�
    (note it�s been changed from waterstained to �water stained�. Old SOSs named �waterstained� are now true rares.)
    Level 4 SOS is �a rum stained SOS�
    Level 5 SOS is �a blood stained SOS�
  • Misc
    o The old-school metal chest can now be fished up via level 4&5 SOSs

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