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RIP Angel Island Shard
March 2004 – May 2017

Well, after keeping the shard up and running for 13 years, it’s time to shut her down.

Producing this online version of the classic game “Ultima Online” was one of the most fun and rewarding projects I’ve ever embarked upon. I made so many friends and met so many great people.

Angel Island never made me any money; heh, I never even really tried to. I didn’t sell ad space, didn’t sell in-game items or favors, and spent tons of money and time on it. And if I could do it all again? I wouldn’t change a thing!


If you can believe it, I launched Angel Island when I was 48 years old! Haha!
I guess I am a bit of a kid at heart. But I’m 61 now and simply can’t spend the time managing the website, coding, or even staffing (staffing was always the biggest of headaches!)

I would like to thank all of the developers, moderators, and in-game staff that helped me over the years.

I will install the server on a local machine and play with incorporating machine learning, AI and other pet interests. Who knows? ;)
Also, I’ll probably upload the Angel Island source to a public SVN repository so that other shard owners can have a go at it.


The server is paid through May 2017, after that, it will blink off the web and into eternity.


Forum Stats as of May 2017:
11,142 Registered Members
49 Forums (many more if you include archived forums.)
55,464 Topics
652,320 Posts
Most message board users ever online: 251 @ 06/29/07 06:45 PM
Most game users ever online: 321

Thanks for playing!
Luke Tomasello AKA Adam Ant.


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