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The first step to creating a new account is to get the necessary software: UO client , Razor , Please refer to the AI FAQ for how to download these applications.

Once you have the necessary software, start the client using Razor (if you are using Vista you must run Razor as admin). Enter the following information in the IP and Port fields:

IP: tamke.net
Port: 2593

Your welcome screen will look something like this:

Click Okay and the client login screen will appear.

For the account name and password, enter whatever you want to use as an account name, and a temporary password. Then press Enter or click the right arrow. The shard selection screen will appear.

Double-click on "Angel Island" or click the right arrow. The trade selection screen will appear.

Select a pre-made template or select "Advanced" to customize your stats and skills. Then customize the look of your character on the next screen.

When you are done setting up your character, your character will appear in Britain, near West Britain Bank.

You have successfully created your account, but for security reasons, you should activate it by associating an email address with the account.

To activate your account, go to a quiet location and type "[profile". The initial Account Profile screen will appear.

Fill in the fields. (Click in each field to select it--tabbing will not work.) Then click Activate.

You will receive a message telling you that a new password has been sent to your email address. When you receive that email, log out of the client and log back in using the new password.

To change your password to something you'll remember, type "[profile" again. This time you'll see the regular Account Profile screen.

In the Current Password field, enter the password that was emailed to you. Then enter your desired password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields, and click Set New Password.

Your account has now been activated and you can log in using your desired account name and password.

Why should I activate my account?
Simply stated, "Activation" means that there is an email account associated with the account.

Now you might wonder why having an email associated with the account is so important as to warrant having a specific name ('Activation'), so I'll explain.

There are three times when having an email is critical to the safety of your account:
  1. You loose your password and need it replaced:
    I get probably 3 lost password requests per day.
    Currently the process is all manual and a little time consuming.
  2. Proving account ownership:
    If you loan out your account, or let some one else use it and I get PMs regarding ownership, I will always favor the owner that has the matching email address.
  3. Security:
    Example 1: Someone trying to change your password or email after you've logged in and walked off to make a sandwich or something.
    Example 2: You loan your account to someone and they change the email address.. when they do this, a notification is ALSO sent to the old address.
    This will alert you to the attempt at acquiring your account, and if you notify staff immediately, we will recover your account.

This system is pretty sound and should serve the needs of both staff and players alike. Our objective is to make the Account Activation and Creation System (AACS) as secure and intuitive as possible.

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