Chicken breeding has been implimented as phase 1 of the pet breeding system.

A new AI has been created specifically for chickens that encompasses the breeding script and requirements. The way the system works is that a (TAME - wild chickens will not breed) male will seek out a female, approach, potentially fight off any other nearby males, and then try to get down with his ladyfriend. To make this magical moment happen, simply tell your chickens to "stop" with the "all stop" command. If all goes well she will lay eggs at the end; these eggs must be kept alive until they hatch.

In order to be kept alive and warm, the eggs must be in a backpack or locked down in a house *continually*. A timer will tick periodically, checking to make sure the egg is "kept warm". Eggs have a Health value (invisible to you poor sods wink ) that the tick updates. Every time the timer ticks and the egg is properly taken care of, Health is incremented, up to some max value. Every time the timer ticks and the egg is not well-taken care of, Health is decremented, to some minimum. Eggs start out with some positive health, and will not hatch unless their health is above zero. If the health gets too low or if the egg is prevented from hatching longer than two days beyond its birthdate, the egg dies, and will never hatch. Eggs will not hatch unless there is a player in the vicinity. When the egg hatches, there is a scripted sequence of messages and sounds, and eventually poof a chicken appears.

Chicken Breeding FAQ

What do chickens eat?
Wheat and bread.

How long will it take my egg to hatch?

Up to 2 days. If it takes longer than that your chicken has died.

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