We, the members of Looters Incorporated, believing the great advantages are to be derived from a guild of Looters, Pirates, and Thieves, appreciating that close association may promote looting, develop characters, advance ourselves, and assist in the acquisition of vast quantities of loot, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

We present to you these episodes, which should entertain and enlighten you. It is our hope that the lessons presented in these episodes will be taken to heart. If read carefully you will gain an increased understanding of Felucca and its inhabitants. Hopefully this will help you to appreciate some of the "repugnant" playstyles such as thieves, looters, and the dreaded PKs. The knowledge acquired may help you to avoid them, deal with them, or become them.

Overall, it is our goal to promote a general awareness of the Felucca ruleset and to eliminate the preconceived notions associated with this once noble facet.


Angel Island Chronicles: Newbie Guides:


Episode 1: The Return Starts with a Bang (7/10/2004).

Episode 2: The Shard Has Spoken (7/22/2004).

Episode 3: House Calls (7/23/2004).

Episode 4: Accountability (10/23/2004).

Episode 5: Pegasus the PK (2/26/2005).


Part 1: Playing UO (11/23/2004)

Part 2: Basic Equipment and Skills (12/08/2004)


The Early Years, O$I episodes (2001 2002):

How to get a free boat (10/17/2001).
How to disarm steal (5/1/2002).

Episode 1a. It All Started with a Runebook (1/31/2002).
Episode 1b. A Trip To Felucca (1/31/2002).
Episode 2. Joys of House Looting (2/10/2002).
Episode 3. Starting On Great Lakes (2/12/2002).
Episode 4. The Return of Drako (2/16/2002).
Episode 5. Finster's Surprise (2/18/2002).
Episode 6. Shit Talkers (2/20/2002).
Episode 7. Bubbler's Mistake (2/22/2002).
Episode 8. Bring Us Your Loot! (3/26/2002).
Episode 9. Kimball and Hancock, Dread Pirates (3/29/2002).
Episode 10: War On the Sea Trance Moves to Trammel (4/5/2002).
Episode 11: Ground Looting (4/10/2002).
Episode 12: Introducing Prodigy (4/15/2002).
Episode 13: Looter Resourcefulness (4/18/2002).
Episode 14: A Destard Rescue (4/18/2002).
Episode 15: Brennen McCoy in Deceit (4/18/2002).
Episode 16: Goza The Idiot Scammer (4/23/2002) - FOUND (11/30/2004).
Episode 17: Adventures in Disarming (4/24/2002).
Episode 18: Boat Surprise! (5/26/2002).
Episode 19: Intense PvP on Siege Perilous (6/09/2002).
Episode 20: Quickies, Part 1 (6/10/2002).
Episode 21-A: Lessons in Responsibility (6/11/2002).
Episode 21-B: Lessons in Responsibility, For Those Who Weren't Paying Attention (6/14/2002).
Episode 22: There is No Escape from Looters Inc (6/13/2002).
Episode 23: The Lost Art of Looting in Trammel (6/18/2002).
Episode 24: Quickies 2, Pirates (8/21/2002).
Episode 25: Improving the Odds (8/24/2002).
Episode 26: Catskills Chaos (8/29/2002).
Episode 27: Duel My Main (5/9/2002) - LOST.
Episode 28: Trash Talking on the High Seas (6/13/2002).

Prodigy Returns... - LOST


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